Your Island Escape

Bimini is the perfect charter destination for our guests with limited time as it is located just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. As the closest Bahamas Island to the U.S., it is an excellent short- term charter option for your island escape. It is divided into North Bimini Island and South Bimini Island and offers pristine beaches along with endless adventure above and below the sea.

By land, enjoy quickly warping into island time to get your Chillaxin’ on. Rent a golf cart and explore the numerous local bars and restaurants or discover the art, culture and history of the island. Be sure to check out the fresh conch creations at Joe’s Conch Shack or Stuarts Conch Stand. The friendly locals will be sure to offer up stories and tales of the islands. A Bimini “Fun Fact” originated from the days of prohibition when the “rum runners” found the harbors of this island a safe haven for their tasty products. Gives new meaning to the term, “I’ll have a Rum Runner please!” (don’t forget the floater!)

A popular land excursion is to visit the famous Dolphin House, a true work of art made out of broken tiles, shells and random recyclable artifacts discovered across the islands. It’s credited to be a “Poem In Stone” as the local author and historian, Ashley Saunders, created the ocean inspired museum to attract travelers from across the globe. You will walk away with a newfound inspiration and love for the dolphins of the sea. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get the opportunity to swim with dolphins off your charter yacht! It happens!

By water, Bimini offers a playland of opportunities. Snorkeling and dive sites are sprinkles across the numerous anchorage opportunities. A few popular sites include the Sapona where you can experience an upright wreck of a concrete ship or venture to the famous Rainbow Reef, Victory Reef or Tuna Alley to view the sparkling coral and of course all of the colors of the rainbow under the sea. For our adventuresome guests, give the “Bimini Bull Run” a try! A unique and safe cage dive where the bull sharks will greet and swarm in their not-so-friendly nature while you have a dive filled with adrenaline and walk away with a badge of courage and bragging rights in your PADI dive log.

Continue your charter adventure by exploring “The Bimini Road” which is an underwater 300ft. long rock formation comprised of stones and blocks said to be there for 5000-10,000 years. It’s origin is unknow by speculators have compared it to the “Lost City of the Atlantis.” If stones don’t excite you, visit the world-renowned Shark Lab which is a field research facility ready to educate you about all things sharks. Or, take your hand in the fishing world that Bimini boasts about and have the crew bait up and throw the rods in. Fishman flock here because of the successful catches off the shoreline. Spearfishing is legal in these waters and an adventure only to be attempted by the well-trained.

Let us match your interests with the best crew for your Bimini Chillaxin’ Charter adventure. It can be customized for a short term charter or combined with other islands of the Bahamas or a dip into the Florida Keys for a week-long charter vacation.