We make the booking process simple and fun

Chillaxin’ Charters strives to customize the booking process to your group. We listen to your vacation goals, share destination and itinerary ideas and help fulfil your expectations with the best crew and yacht for you. You can trust our travel advice from first-hand knowledge of the boats, crews and destinations. We invest time and energy into attending the major charter yacht shows to tour the current yachts in the charter fleet and know which ones will best meet your standards. In addition, we take time to get to know the crew personalities, so we can create those “swipe right” magical matches for your yacht vacation.

You will be working with owner/broker, Robyn during the entire booking process.  Know that Robyn has your best interest at heart and it is her passion to “get it right” and “make it happen” for you! Robyn’s guidance and travel services are free to you. The yacht owners pay the brokers directly and industry standard dictate that all brokers offer the same rates. There are many brokers online to choose from so know that when you choose Chillaxin’ Charters, Robyn will be guiding you through questions you didn’t even know you had during the entire process and make sure no detail gets overlooked so you can focus on the #charterfun and #chillaxintime!

Step 1: Confirm your charter guest list.

The size of your group will narrow down the boat options. The number of charter guests can range from 2-12 but cannot exceed 12. For groups larger than 12, we can arrange 2 or more boats to do a “tandam charter” where your group will sleep on separate but similar boats and run the same itinerary course. The majority of boats accommodate 8 guests. Let us know if you will be traveling with family and kids, or friends and couples along with the general age, energy and adventure level of your group.

Step 2: Select your destination & tell us your vacation goals

Whether your island-hopping vibe is looking for sun, sand and excitement, family friendly excursions or quiet secluded, romantic beaches off the beaten path, we will guide you with your destination choice.

Step 3: Select your charter dates

Plan ahead! Spring break and holiday dates will book up to a full year in advance for the popular catamarans/crews in the Virgin Islands. The earlier you book, the more selection we will have to make the best match. The holiday weeks of Christmas and New Year’s hold a premium rate—all boats will charge 10-20% rate increase. Many boats will require a minimum of 10 days OR will provide start and end date criteria for the holiday weeks.

Step 4: Establish a budget guideline

Know that crewed charter yacht vacations are like no other vacation. They are geared toward service and personalized fun. The crew customizes the itinerary specifically to you and plans the meals according to your likes/dislikes and any special dietary needs. Your crew are your personal tour guides, local host/hostess, chef, water sports director, land excursion expert. They want you to have an unforgettable vacation (and they also would love to earn a nice tip☺) In the case of chartering, size really doesn’t matter as you can have just as an amazing experience on a smaller catamaran as you can on a large motor yacht!

Prices for catamarans are generally $15,000 – $65,000 “All Inclusive” (see our FAQ’s – link to all inclusive) and Motor Yachts range from $45,000 – $250,000 and beyond, “Plus Expenses” (see our FAQ’s – link to Plus Expenses-).

Step 5: The fun part! Let’s select your Charter Yacht!

Robyn will guide you to the best yacht and crew available! Robyn’s motto is “I’d never book a client on a boat that I wouldn’t spend a week on myself with friends and family!”

We will put a complimentary HOLD on the charter yacht you select.
For Catamarans, the HOLD is good for 14 days while we complete the contract and deposit. Should the HOLD be “challenged” by another broker, we have 48 hours to complete the contract and payment.
For Motor Yachts, contract and payment is generally expected to be completed within one week of “saying yes to the yacht”.

Crew disclaimer: Occasionally, a charter boat may have a crew change prior to the contracted date. These are out of our control but know that we only work with trusted boat managers who draw from the best pool of crews available and have high standards for any replaced crew.

Step 6: Contract and Charter Deposit

Once you select the Charter Yacht, we will make sure all of your questions are answered before you sign the contract via the ease of Docusign. Upon contract completion you will pay a deposit or final payment depending on how close the charter date is.
Payments are made via BANK WIRE only.
Payment Schedule for Catamarans:
-Charter date more that 6 months away = 25% Deposit Due at Contract and 25% at 6 months and remaining 50% Due 45 days prior to charter date (may vary with boat)
-Charter date less than 6 months requires a full 50% Deposit Due at Contract and 50% 45 days prior.
-Last minute charters within 60 days of departure require 100% payment.

Payment Schedules for Motor Yachts: Vary depending on terms and conditions of the particular yacht, delivery fees, APA schedule.

Step 7: Consider Trip Insurance & Check your Passports

Trip insurance is always recommended on a high value vacation, but it is purchased at your own discretion and expense. You have anywhere from 14 up to 21 days post contract to purchase your Travel Insurance. We can link you with a trusted and licensed charter insurance representative for a quote or you may choose your own.

Pull out your Passport and check the expiration date and renew if needed! If your passport is scheduled to expire within 6 months post charter, it is best to renew and get updated with your new passport as certain destinations require this new guideline be enforced.

Step 8: Tell the Crew about your group—food & drink preferences, special requests, etc.

About 6-8 weeks pre-charter we will ask you to complete a Preference Form which will be your crews guide for provisioning the boat for the week.

Step 9: Charter preparation details

We will offer packing suggestions and refresh your memory with fun itinerary ideas within the last month prior to your trip.