Life is short. Take the trip.

A charter yacht vacation is a bucket list item for many. Once you’ve experienced it, you will want to find another couple or family who needs to check it off their bucket list and do it again! Couples charters and family charters can each have their own unique vibe and set of adventures. We recommend both!

Couples Charters

Chartering with a group of couples is the perfect way to step up the island-hopping game. Whether your group enjoys the rum therapy of the beach bars scene, the adventure opportunities of the land and sea or the simple serenity of the yacht there is something for everyone.

Couples groups often charter to celebrate milestone birthdays or other special occasions. Your crew will certainly enjoy preparing a festive night on board filled with the honoree’s favorite things. Theme nights also are a fun way to get a party started. We love working with our clients and crews to spice up a few of the evenings….white parties, retro-nights, pirate themes, fiesta nights, you dream it, we can help make it happen!

If you aren’t into the couples scene or need a different vibe, there are plenty of charters that are declared “Girls Getaway” and don’t forget about the guys fishing charters.

Family Charters

Family time is precious. Today’s busy lifestyles along with social media and technology make it harder and harder to focus on family. A family vacation on a yacht is truly the best way to reconnect with those who matter the most. You’ll be amazed how the phones don’t matter by the end of the week. The daily stressors are replaced with island views. The traditional headaches and logistics of vacation dinner reservations, excursions, and navigating a new place all disappear. Your crew is there to make sure everyone can simply CHILLAX!

If you have a compatible family to spend a week on board with or have extended family, it certainly helps to divide the cost among 2 or more families. You get more boat for your buck this way and it allows for a nice division of couples and kids time. Chartering with just your immediate family works too!

All crews will cater to any dynamic of guests that show up, but we know a few crews that truly love the activity of a family charter. A few captains are “big kids” at heart and can have the kids out and in the water for morning wakeboarding before you even finish your first cup of coffee. The yacht toys can entertain all ages and each day and each anchorage bring new prospects for family adventure. Let’s make a plan for your family!

Life is simple. Just add water