Your Top Executives Deserve the Absolute Best

Travel is the ultimate reward and the necessary relief to escape the daily grind and stress of the work world. Incent and reward your top executives and employees with the elite yacht charter experience that will refresh and motivate an energized return with a renewed spirit to achieve and accomplish individual and company goals.

We will arrange the best ROI you can imagine.

Reward/Incentive Trips

Studies show that people derive more happiness from experiences rather than things. A charter yacht vacation is the supreme reward for a top sales achievement or top performers acknowledgment. Reroute your next reward/incentive trip to this elite opportunity that recognizes the absolute drive and inspiration of those driving your company. We will create unforgettable memories and unbelievable experiences.

Executive Team Building Retreats

It’s time to give your executive leaders permission to escape on an exclusive yacht vacation that is unlike any traditional executive retreat.  Allow them the opportunity to refill their bucket, renew their spirit, reconnect with their team and revive their inspiration and leadership skills. Forget the ropes course and let’s take the team building opportunities to the next level with the creative planning of your crew and Chillaxin Charters. Theme nights, sea and land challenges and inspiring strategy planning sessions coupled with a personal chef and pampering crew is the secret combination to outwit, outsmart and outlast your competition. The executive retreat time on charter promises a return back to the office with the rebooted outlook to LEAD, ACHIEVE and SUCCEED.

Executive Family & Personal Travel

Surprise & delight your loyal and top employees for work or long-term service anniversaries, milestone birthdays, retirement recognition or special occasions. Executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, they are always “ON” and shoulder the pressure of company’s success and failures on a daily basis.  The ultimate getaway is in an environment free from complaints and filled with a sense of renewal.  They need a sense of isolation and tranquility with friends or family, yet know that they can be connected and available in case of any urgent situation.  They need to wake up to warm island air, fresh sea breeze and views that bring back a sense of calm and control.  The answer to fulfilling this need it simple:  Send your top executives on a crewed Yacht Charter retreat to refresh, renew, and recharge.

Corporate Large Group Events

We have a select few boats that will allow more than 12 guests on the yacht on dock for your private corporate event. Charter laws restrict cruising with more than 12 passengers, but some yachts can host an event at the dock. Inquire early for your large group event and we will make a plan with the best available yacht and crew in the fleet to fit your large group needs.

Executive Day Trips, Board and Executive Meetings

Why not turn the board room into an inspirational backdrop? A charter yacht will up the game with clients and employees as the open air, fresh sea breeze and irreplaceable view motivates creative thinking. Let us set up your half-day, full day or evening meeting in the ultimate location with a 5-star crew. Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Florida coast have yachts available all year round and New England coastline or Chicago River have summer yacht opportunities.

We offer more than just a broker booking.  We can provide a full concierge service and will let no detail be overlooked—from selecting flights to celebrating onboard special occasions to visiting the best each island has to offer—we will give your executives the VIP experience they deserve!

Our services include the following and beyond!
· Execute travel logistics for flights, taxi and/or water taxi transfers.

    • Organize itinerary options with the captain to impress your guests.
    • Coordinate guest preferences with the chef to ensure special dietary needs are be met.
    • Arrange spa packages at the best spas in the charter area.
    • Recommend and organize adventure excursions or team building activities.
    • Work with your guests to make sure they have all of the necessary travel documents and necessities for their Charter Vacation.
    • Deliver travel gifts to the yacht before your guests arrive.
    • Ensure your guests sit back, CHILLAX, and enjoy the Charter Vacation of their DREAMS

And much, much more! Just ask! We’ll make the plans!