Each day brings a new adventure

Toys, toys and more toys please! If that’s the name of the game, we will match you with an active crew that enjoys diving into the fun right along with the guests. Know that water activities and equipment offered will vary with the size and storage capacity of the yacht. Prioritize what is important and we’ll take the challenge to try to tic all of the boxes on your wish list for the charter yacht vacation of your dreams!


One of the reasons we LOVE crewed chartered yachts is you can trust your experienced crew to know the best snorkel spots of your island destination. Not only do they deal with the logistics of getting you through reef inlets and protected marine park locations to anchor, they will help ensure you and your guests are safe and supervised during your time in the water. Snorkeling can be enjoyed by guests of ALL ages and swimming skills, making it one of the most popular water activities on charter.

Scuba Diving

Scuba can be enjoyed on any charter vacation by both experienced PADI certified divers or interested beginners who take pre-charter coursework through PADI online. Yachts will offer either “Rendezvous Diving,” where the crew will line up a local dive company to meet the yacht and guests at a nearby dive shop or dive site or “Onboard Diving,” where the crew and yacht offer a certified dive instructor to guide your private and personalized dive. Either way, scuba on charter simply takes some of the work out of the sport and puts more emphasis onto the excitement of exploring the marine life and treasures of the sea. Check out our Scuba Diving feature to learn more about Scuba destinations and charter yachts.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding, SUP Yoga & Kayaking

Wake up and take your morning workout to the water with a full body workout on the stand-up paddleboard. As you tone your vacation muscles you can also check out the activity of the fish or maybe a passing sting ray or sea turtle in the crystal clear water! If you are a yogi type,m test your SUP yoga skills—don’t worry, no one else is watching so give it a try! Kayaking is also a fun way to get the day started or take a late afternoon cocktail and paddle amongst your anchored out friendly neighbors. Tons of fun when these toys are onboard!

Sea Bobs and Sea Scooters

The only thing better than a Seabob is having 2 Seabobs on board so you don’t have to wait so long for your turn! A hit will all ages, the seabob is an advanced way to motor around and scoot down through the water with snorkel and mask secured. Float through the water as you keep pace with a sting ray or bob along with the dolphins if you get lucky. Sea scooters are the less expensive version and preferred by those guests who enjoy the action but at a slightly slower pace.

Water Sports & Toys & Floats – Common to Any Size Yachts

Most any size charter boat in the fleet will offer common toys for water sports. Water skis for kids and/or adults, wakeboards, and towable inflatables are a huge hit with guests of all ages. It is important to pay attention to the yacht’s dinghy size (yep, size matters in this case!). If you want an active charter, we will make sure the yacht’s dinghy or tender has the horse power and capacity for your desired activities. Floating mats, noodles and even giant swans are popular with the guests who enjoy Chillaxin’ in the sun.

Water Sports & Toys & Floats – Common to Super Yachts

Yacht slides, climbing walls, water trampolines, flyboards, motorized surf boards, land bikes and motorized scooters are the more exotic side of yacht toys specific to the mega and super-yacht category. Many owners spare no expense and live by the motto of “he who dies with the most toys in the end, wins!” You’ll even find eco-friendly golf driving range with floating chipping greens equipt with edible golf balls for the fish when they inherit the missed shots!

Kite Surfing aka Kite Boarding

Kite Boarding is the latest craze that has filtered into the charter yacht domain with a handful of yachts and crews that are outfitted with the equipment and skills to safely teaching others this adventurous sport. It’s a combination of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing. Guests should be in good physical condition to give this one a try! If your charter yacht and crew does not offer Kite Surfing, many destinations have locals who offer lessons. Know that it will take a good chunk of time to get up and flying but if this is a priority, we can certainly make a plan! Ask us about the best kite surfing charter destinations.

Jet Skis & Wave Runners

Zoom, zoom, zoom! Engage in action and adventure at its finest when you saddle up, skip waves and check off your need for speed! Know that the use of wave runners and jet skis are not allowed in all destinations. For example, the British Virgin Islands does not allow charter yachts to operate these toys in their waters. Other destinations and yachts may require special licensing or waivers for you obtain before operating. They do make for a super fun afternoon of exploring the clear shades of turquoise shoreline up close and personal.


Dreaming of reeling the big catch in? If you are a true sport fisherman or the simple leisurely catch and release type, we will guide you to the best charter yacht, crew and destination! There are a few true fishing vessels available for term charters and more commonly, many of the yachts will have a designated tender outfitted for fishing. The British Virgin Islands requires guests over 18 to pay for a short term recreational fishing license and most of the fishing in these waters will be catch and release. The Bahamas offers up better fishing conditions and allows for spear fishing for those who want to dabble on the edge of extra excitement. Ask us for the insider scoop on the top fishing destinations and charter options.

Hiking and Island Nature Exploring

Ok, so it’s not exactly a water sport, but there’s always one in the group who needs a bigger dose of land legs than other. Not to worry! Your crew can accommodate any request for a morning run, an afternoon hike or an island stroll—just ask! You can immerse yourself within the colorful flair and soulful trails of the island destination and check out the wildlife and habitat unique to the land. It’s a great way to balance out the water and land. Your crew will guide you to the die hard trails that can take you to the top of the mountainous island hillside, inland for the hidden waterfalls, or simply put a drink in your hand to discover the road less traveled in flip flops between beach bars. Which will you choose?