Leave the Stress at the Surface

The experience of Scuba Diving from your charter yacht will be a game-changer. The Caribbean’s warm, clear water set up the perfect conditions for exploring the marine underworld. Your crew can guide you to limitless dive sites across the hundreds of Caribbean islands to explore old shipwrecks, new wrecks, vibrant coral reefs, underwater sculpture parks, caves, plane wrecks, up- close shark diving or awe-inspiring whale sharks—each site a new adventure.

Many catamarans in the charter fleet offer “Onboard” diving with at least one of the crew being a dive master or dive instructor. There are fewer motor yachts that offer onboard diving simply because of the expense the mega-yacht incurs to hold dive specific liability insurance. However, the crew will happily arrange “Rendezvous” diving where a local dive company will meet the yacht and make things just as simple for your dive experience.

Some of our favorite crews have an absolute passion for diving. This passion is contagious as they truly want to provide a safe and stress-free dive experience. Crews strive to inspire people to care about the ocean and the conditions for the marine life to sustain in healthy clean, debris-free waters. They educate along the way teaching about the types of fish and the history of the dive sites.

Guests must be certified divers and should bring their PADI certification card and dive log book.
If scuba is on your bucket list, we recommend doing your PADI class and pool work at home and then competing your 4 open water dives from your charter yacht. PADI offers online courses that make this simple. Work with your local dive shop before the charter so you are ready to enjoy the private dive and explore the underwater treasures of the islands.

For more information on certification and dive sites in the Caribbean, you can visit the PADI website www.padi.com and ask us for the best charter dive destinations, yachts and crews.

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.

– Jacques Cousteau