November is jam packed with three different yacht shows and Chillaxin’ Charters will be at all of them!

What does this mean for you?

Chillaxin’ Charters will personally tour yachts and catamarans, converse with crews, and check out on-board cuisine to ensure we’re always suggesting the right vessels for our clients. These are imperative shows for us to be at to acquire industry knowledge at the benefit of our clients.

Why do we attend?

So many reasons! There are always new vessels coming to market or being renovated and we want to see them with our own eyes before we book them or suggest them to our clients. Also, crews change over time and it is important to us that we get a good feel for captains, chefs, mates, and more. We want our clients to have the trip of a lifetime, and setting them up with a crew that matches their personality will help this effort.

Will I be able to reach you while you’re at the shows?

Absolutely! If you’re working with Chillaxin’ already, you know we respond to emails and calls as soon as possible and this is no different while we are attending the shows. In fact, message us on social media and suggest a vessel for us to tour and we’ll may even go live online!

Sounds like fun! How can I join in?!

Yacht shows are fun – but they are also a lot of work, believe it or not. We take pages and pages of detailed notes for each vessel and their crew, catalog pictures, and so much more.

One way to join in is to follow along on social media and engage with us! We may just feature a vessel at your request!

We can’t wait for the fall yacht shows!