You’ve been waiting for an excuse so we are spelling it out for you.

Time for your RESPITE at sea. Time for your retreat on the water.  Time for your escape. Time for a new definition of RESPITE.

R – RELAX as the blood pressure slows down, the stress hormones decrease and your mind allows you to be in the moment.

E – ESCAPE and leave behind the daily grind, the schedules, the noise.  Just escape.

S – SLEEP rejuvenates the entire body. With more rest, the outlook on life becomes positive again.

P – PLAY creates laughter. Laughter creates a release of negative energy and is replaced with renewed spirit.

I – IGNITE that love, that spark, that desire for the one you are with. Sea therapy has a quicker ROI than traditional therapy!

T – TRANSFORM your mind, body and soul each day as your crew pampers, entertains and guides you to the best of the islands.

E -ENERGIZE and discover island activity.  Immerse yourself in lush nature on land and the playground of the sea.

Your recipe for R-E-S-P-I-T-E is why the medical field says you NEED to take a vacation! Dr. orders, it’s that simple!

As measures for safe travel are being taken across the airlines, the island destinations and the charter yachts, you can rest assured and have peace of mind wherever you travel.  Once on the yacht, there’s no easier way to social distance–if that’s your style–and there’s no better way to explore an island than guided by a professional crew.

Ready for your RESPITE AT SEA now?  Your CHILLAXIN’ CHARTERS Team is ready to book your Chillaxin’ Charter Yacht Vacay.  Our first hand experience with the yachts, crews and island destinations will make your trip planning simple and fun!


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