Time to book your summer family charter yacht vacation

Summer Chillaxin’ Charter Yacht Opportunities

 Summer is for family fun.  In today’s crazy sport expectations, a family vacation is harder and harder to squeeze in, but we are here to make it happen for you!  If a full week isn’t in the cards, let’s pro-rate a 4-5 night charter and get you priceless quality family time!! If you can manage a full 7 nights, let’s do it!

Here are a few ideas….

BAHAMAS – This one is easy!  A quick flight to Nassau or a charter flight from Ft. Lauderdale into Staniel Cay will get the yacht vibe rolling! The Exumas of the Bahamas offer a unique charter experience of pure, uninterrupted island adventure. This is not a beach bar crawl.  It’s a snorkel, jet-ski, private beach, special sand bar, secret nature hike, sea-of-blue excursion.  When we say “sea of blue”, we really mean “50 Shades of Blue!” At every turn the captain navigates, you will be in absolute awe of how he found a more brilliant shade of blue than the last bay.  This is why you will never sit at one resort again.  Swim with the pigs, chase the giant iguanas, discover national parks and sunken plane wrecks! Can’t even capture how much adventure awaits—you just need to discover it for yourself at the guidance of your trusted captain of course. Our Bahamas fleet is primarily motor yachts with a few power cats and a few select sailing catamarans.  NOW BOOKING THE BAHAMAS -Let’s Make a Plan!

USVI / BVI –  This is always a fan favorite!  Summer in the BVI offers quiet anchorages and more time with the locals to enjoy an

intimate conversation while sipping on your favorite island delight! The kids will compete with the parents on who is having the most fun. Depends on the day.  The crew could be throwing down the kite surfing lessons or teaching you all how to use the latest foil surf toy—yep, we know the crew/yacht to hook you up with for that fun!!

Summer vacay in the BVI generally needs to wrap up by August 1st due to insurance requirements. Our catamarans here are especially sensitive to respecting the hurricane season, so let’s max out June & July in the BVI!



If you are a catamaran fan, keep reading….

A little-known fact is that many of the catamarans in the charter fleet “escape” to Grenada for the hurricane season which runs August – October. Historically these islands have been protected and in the summer months offer a unique itinerary.  The island landscapes   So, if you’d like to get a unique charter experience, let us hook you up with one of our fleet that will be here June – August!

NOW BOOKING St. Vincent & The Grenadines -Let’s Make a Plan!

CROATIA – We are recent experts on Croatia and would LOVE to get you there!  An amazing perk of this “job” is working with

people all across the globe.  As we are breaking into the Mediterranean charter market, it does not go unnoticed that our collegues say, GO TO CROATIA before Greece!  Yep, crazy!  I want to do them both, but Croatia gets ALL of the LOVE, so let’s do it! We will take out the intimidation of international travel by recommending the best flight options and of course the best charter itinerary!  We have 3 “best ideas”.  We also have a trusted relationship with a local Croatian concierge for your pre- and post-charter excursions.



Greece is always in a league of it’s own.

Sexy. Exotic. Mystic.

The absolute BEST way to explore this region is by a yacht.

We have a few itineraries to offer, and we won’t lie…it can be a bit windy here in season. If you are going to do this, please let us make it right and pick out the best itinerary/yacht for your group!  Let’s chat!

NOW BOOKING GREECE -Let’s Make a Plan!

Skip the crowded resort and let the crew promote your health, wellness and family fun for a week aboard your private charter yacht. Tell us your travel dates, number/ages in your group, desired destination and we’ll do the rest!

Life is short. Take the trip #livelife

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