The BVI: Island Hopping for Every Travel Personality

What are you?

Need a vacation that can please everyone? Chartering a yacht to island hop your way through the British Virgin Islands will satisfy  every travel personality mixed within your group!  We’ve hightlighted 7 travel personalities below.  Tell us which ones fit your travel buddies and we will match you with the best crew and yacht for your CHILLAXIN’ CHARTERS® vacation!

1. The Luxury Traveler

The luxury traveler wants 5-Star surroundings accompanied by 5-Star service.  It’s the little details that the owner has put into outfitting the yacht and the extra mile the crew will go to keep smiles on guests of all ages.  You want luxury? We’ve got luxury!

2. The Peace & Quiet Seeker

There is usually at least one peace & quiet seeker in every group.  You know, the one who goes on vacation to get AWAY from people! The crew can please that guest who wants to find a secluded beach and private anchorage by navigating to the best kept secrets.  The crew can also be “super stealth” to give the peace and quiet seeker all the space they need to recharge.

3. The Adventure Seeker (aka Dare Devil)

Adventure is the name of the game for these travelers!  From the moment they get on the yacht, it’s go-go-go!  Scuba, snorkelling, tubing, water skiing, beach games, nature hikes…you name it and the crew can keep the action coming!

4. Beach Goer

Ahhhh….the beauty of a yacht charter is getting to explore multiple beaches over the course of your vacation.  Trade in the same old resort view day after day for the love of beach.  Every beach has it’s own personality as well, so your crew will seek to match your beach toes with their perfect mate!

5. The Nature Lover


The nature lover wants to experience the blue-green adventure.  Discover nature under the blue sea AND explore the lush green of the island.  Hike a trail, zipline over the rainforest, jump into a natural spring-fed island waterfall, the opportunities are limitless Best part is you don’t have to research and plan it all out since your crew are the local experts on the nature opportunities.

6. The “Act Like a Local” Traveler

The locals love interacting with charters guests.  Whether they have a special craft to share or just want to tell you stories of the people and highlights of their island, never pass up an opportunity to blend in with the locals.  Live and learn through them!

7. The Beach Bar Bum

Ok, busted! This is our travel personality.  No shoes. No shirt. No problem!

Time for YOU to tell us your travel personality.  Let’s get your CHILLAXIN’ CHARTERS® vacation on the books!

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