Chillaxin’ Charters is happy to report via first hand experience that the BVI is ready and waiting for you to visit aboard your charter yacht!  A recent guest to Coco Locos Beach Bar on Jost captured it best with this quote: “Irma was a bitch, but now she gone!”


The following recap of our 10 day charter aboard EUPHORIA gives you insight into some excellent itinerary options for YOUR upcoming charter.  What?!  You don’t have one booked yet? Call us, and we’ll make it happen!

Day 1:  Our energetic crew, Captain Chester and Chef Jen, welcomed us aboard the beautiful Sunreef Catamaran, EUPHORIA and we raised a glass of Veuve to toast the trip ahead! Our pick-up in Trellis Bay on Beef Island, Tortola showed remains of Irma’s power as a handful of boats still lay at rest on shore. Despite the displacement of the beached boats, we look past them and feel the breath of life projected by a handful of surviving palm trees along with the lush green landscape and the awe of the indisputable shades of turquoise blue water and immediately know that “Beauty” has already overcome the “Beast” of Irma.


Day 2:  Waking up on relaxed “Island Time”, our morning view of Guana Island and the dolphins playing around our boat after breakfast set the Chillaxin’ tone for the day.  The word around the BVI is that there have been many more dolphin sightings Post-Irma, so no guarantees, but your odds are better for a little dolphin time frolic than they used to be.  We counted 6 in our pod of friends playfully bobbing about as if on cue for a charter photo session!


Dolphin Fun!

A morning cruise took us to Jost Van Dyke on our first full day as we were anxious to check in on our friends at White Bay.  The beach was clean and the beach bars were genuinely thankful for the charter boats to be there.  “Thank-you for coming” was our greeting from each bartender we met (and we might have met up with a few!) Soggy Dollar and Hendo’s Hideout not only had cold drinks and tasty lunch menus, but their gift shops were stocked with the perfect island souvenirs.  Coco Locos was also looking fine and didn’t disappoint in the rum punch department either!  Gertrudes is actively rebuilding and should be ready to roll before you know it.  One Love will be getting some extra love in the near future too.  The soft white sand of the beach with the spectrum of blue to gaze upon simply continues to make White Bay a true “Happy Place!”


Painkillers & RumPunch Please!


Still Beautiful!

Foxy’s was the next stop.  It was 2 days before their annual NYE Party and it felt like we were at a set-up for Kenny Chesney concert.  Kenny’s One Love Charity workers were actively building a new stage on the beach and it was looking good.  Foxy greeted us with new stories and his bright beautiful smile.  If you have never taken the time to actually sit and talk—I mean listen—to Foxy, you are missing out!  It’s actually something to consider for your bucket list. Let’s say, #12. Spend time listening to Foxy share a few stories and jokes while sipping on a rum punch!”  You’ll never forget it!  We again found ourselves saddened by Irma’s remains around Great Harbour, only to be encouraged by the very people who lived through it with their smiles and stories.  “Thank-you for coming.”

A sunset cruise over to Cane Garden Bay never disappoints and since we wanted to pop into Myett’s to show some support, we thought it would be a nice spot to moor for the evening. Myett’s still has a beautiful view of the Bay.  It was certainly quieter than normal, and once again we heard, “thank-you for coming, so happy to have you here!”
Day 3:  Waking up surrounded by the hillsides of Cane Garden Bay and the roosters crowing at dawn along with the mist of the sea air are the sights, sounds and smells (fresh sea air) of a charter that somehow become an engrained part of your vacation psyche.  We were glad we did our quick visit to Cane Garden.


Cane Garden Bay, Dec 30, 2017

Next up was Christmas Cove to support our friends at Pizza Pi and show the USVI some charter love! All we can say is YummmmO!!!!   It’s a great cove to paddle board and snorkel as well!

A short cruise took us over to St. John to moor at Waterlemon Cay for the afternoon where we hit land to explore the Old Sugar Mill Plantation.  We’d highly recommend it!  Views are breathtaking and the history is evident in the walls of the remaining structures–fun for all ages.

Day 4:  Another specially prepared breakfast by Chef Jen followed by a morning snorkel and then off to Norman Island.  A quick stop in Soper’s Hole showed a mix of new and old which was beginning to be the pattern of the trip.  Yes, we still see remains of the storm– missing windows or worse yet, an entire building we knew should be there was just gone–heartbreaking.  Yet, in the same panoramic view, there is life getting back to the new normal.  Time. The full rebuild is going to take time and is made possible with a heavy dose of island love and giant splash of island spirit.
Next, we arrived to Norman Island to find our view filled with charter boats of all sizes gathering for New Year’s Eve.  We moor at Treasure Point for our best ever snorkel at The Caves.  No crowds.  With The Caves all to ourselves, we could take our time and truly enjoy the underwater treasures waiting to be discovered.  After our snorkel, we settled in near Pirates Bight, got into our island “fancy” cloths and enjoyed a Beach BBQ New Year’s Eve Party!  Charter crews, guests, and locals alike all danced until our sparklers were lit at Midnight to flip the calendar to the possibilities of 2018!  By the way, kudos to The Bight!  It looks amazing!  And thanks to the crew of FOXY LADY for organizing the NYE beach party filled with a fabulous buffet, live music, dj & dancing, beach bonfire and excellent family fun!

Day 5:  Waking up on New Year’s Day surrounded by fellow Charter boat friends was the best way to start the new year.  Le Reve, Shangri-La, Nenne, Foxy Lady, Mrs. Happy, Where’s Waldo, Ipharra, Stop Work Order, A3, Ulta, Blue Moon, and many others were all waking up with happy guests and crews thankful to be in the BVI!  I must admit, I was also secretly happy that I did not wake up to news that Kenny Chesney made a surprise appearance at Foxy’s!  (There was a moment I suspected he could, he might, but he didn’t.  Whew, I didn’t miss anything! It might be on my Bucket List to party in the Caribbean with Kenny Chesney! It could happen, right!?)

A morning Sail to The Baths on Virgin Gorda set the Chillaxin’ tone for the morning followed by all of the adventure and untouched beauty The Baths has to offer.  Irma could huff and puff, but she was no match for those boulders!  There were a number of charter boats and even a few mega-yachts there to dinghy guests in and enjoy the walking paths, but we never even passed another group along our walk.  We ventured to The Top of the Baths to simply soak in the awe inspiring views (and maybe enjoy a delicious rum punch too!;).  If you have not yet experienced The Baths, it is a must on your Bucket List!
Probably my one and only itinerary disappointment of the week was that we had hoped to visit CocoMaya next after The Baths, but they were closed on New Years Day.   We were not able to squeeze CocaMaya back into the itinerary.  Sorry Coca Maya–Next time!  If you can, be sure to visit them along your charter itinerary!

On to Plan B….A sunset cruise to Leverick Bay to moor for the evening.  Our Chillaxin’ sail gave us time to enjoy some Kenny Chesney music, sip on refreshing coctails and discuss the tradition of giving everyone on the boat a Pirate name for the trip.  One has to “earn” their pirate name in some fashion during the trip.  Some earn their pirate names sooner than others.  At this point, we had affectionately named our Captain “Barracuda Bait”! (Sorry, we can’t tell you why or else you’ll have to walk the plank!) We also had a “Princess Pirate”, a “Flipper Pirate”, a “Captain Crash” and a Greybeard with a few people yet to earn their Pirate patch!
Day 6:  Another leisurely breakfast and then it was SPA time–Yay!  Who doesn’t love a massage during vacation?!  Lucky for us, the SPA at Leverick Bay is up and running and didn’t disappoint! All 6 of our guests took 60 minutes to zone out….Aaahhhhhh!


Leverick Bay 1/2/18


The Spa at Leverick Bay

Off to Oil Nut Bay to enjoy a leisurely lunch at their Beach Club Restaurant.  Oil Nut Bay will soon be re-opening their Villas (March 1st), and currently are welcoming charter boat guests to enjoy the restaurant, swim up bar, pools, and watersports when they dine at The Beach Club Restaurant for lunch.  We’ll let the pictures of Oil Nut Bay speak for themselves!  Stunningly beautiful property, exceptional staff and more than one, “Thank-you for coming to visit us!”


Oil Nut Bay Pool


Chillaxin’ Time!


Beach Club for Lunch


Swim Up Bar–CHEERS!

After a Chillaxin’ afternoon at Oil Nut, it was time to enjoy a sail over to Anegada.  Our Chef extraordinaire, Jen, made another dinner on-board that left us wondering how she can possibly mastermind such deliciousness (is that a word?) with provisions from a boat galley and make it seem like she is running a 5-star restaurant.  Even with a few differing preferences among the group–she’s probably laughing out loud at my use of the term “a few!”–she served up a meal each night to make everyone happy! Thanks Jen!

Day 7:  Excited to wake up to our view of Anegada and hit the paddle boards for some morning exercise.  Today’s adventure started mid-morning with our open-air taxi to visit Big Bamboo Loblolly and Cow Wreck Beach Bar.  Both greeted us with a “Thanks so much for coming to visit us!”  Each were in great condition, serving cold drinks, full menus and shared smiles, laughter and a few extra stories.  Both beaches are still beautiful, but Cow Wreck forever holds an extra special place in our hearts.  Another “Happy Place”.  Ann & Andrew, of Cow Wreck Beach Bar, don’t forget to give us a shout before your next trip to LOTO!


Potters By The Sea, Dinghy Dock–WELCOME to Anegada!


Big Bamboo, Loblolly Time to fly the drone!


Cow Wreck Beach 1/3/18

Next up, a late afternoon Chillaxin’ sail back over to Leverick Bay to hit Michael Beans
“Happy Arrr” show! Michael is playing Monday – Wednesday 5pm-7pm this charter season and it’s a MUST on your charter route for extra pirate FUN! Call Leverick Bay ahead to confirm.


Michael Beans at Leverick Bay–Family Friendly Show!


Happy Arrrr!!

Day 8:  Captain Chester moved the boat for a Sunrise Cruise followed by breakfast and a swim at Sandy Cay.  We swam in for our own private island experience to walk around (1/2 way around at least) and search for coral treasures along the beach.  Next, back to White Bay because we had such an amazing day there the first time, we wanted more!  CRAZY what difference even 1 week can make!  Just 6 days later, Gertrudes had significant progress on it’s structure.  One Love had 10 guests from a day boat hanging out and bellied up to the “open air” bar.  And, Ivan’s had added beach chairs and signs in preparation to host an upcoming Sunday Funday for the Floatilla.  Our group found the adirondack chairs and sunk our toes in the sand while mixing in some beach walks and play time in the water.  A day of pure CHILLAXIN’!


Cheers from White Bay!


At some point, we heard Kenny sing, Adios to Jost and it was that that time of day.  A move over to anchor in Peter Island’s Little Harbour provided the perfect opportunity to check an item off of one of our guest’s bucket lists–“To swim with the Tarpon Fish at night!”  Yep!  And she didn’t have to do it alone!  A few brave souls joined in (led by fearless Captain Chester of course) and we all had a magical night snorkel.  We were accompanied by a family of a mama, papa and baby sting rays and of course a zillion tarpon under the blue lights.

Day 9:  A morning snorkel, paddle board, water sports and mini-hike started the day.  Our hike was “mini” as the path was overgrown from no use and this particular soul was not so brave!  With our last day looming over us, it was time to cruise closer to Trellis, so off to Guana we went to come full circle.  A final snorkel for the trip was a must and no place better to do it than at Monkey Point off Guana Island.  The reef here was colorful and the fish plentiful.

Our last night onboard EUPHORIA was spent reflecting back on all of our “favorites” of the week.  The common answer, “It’s so hard to pick ONE thing because it was all amazing!” And, “I can’t pick ONE meal, they were all so delicious!”
Day 10: An early morning move over to Trellis Bay for our last leisurely breakfast aboard EUPHORIA.  Sad goodbyes, a moment when our inner pirate personalities that evolved during the week thought about hijacking the boat (“I’m the Captain Now!”) to extend the vacation, and then the reality of de-boarding for our return to the cold sank in.  Family and friend memories made.  Lifetime friendships formed with our crew.  Island life alive and well among our favorite destinations.


Jen and Chester for a great charter aboard EUPHORIA!

Our time on charter with “no worries” was the perfect way to reflect, refresh, reconnect and renew.   Our love for the islands is replenished and our efforts to advocate for island tourism and support of the rebuild process will continue, one Chillaxin’ Charter vacation at a time!

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