The answer is YES!  Life is short, book the charter yacht vacation!

Are you going to let a little whitehouseblogole’ hurricane called Irma or Maria change your winter vacation dreams on a crewed charter yacht?  I think not!

Ok, so they weren’t so little and our heart still breaks as they rocked the Caribbean world, changed many lives, and stripped away buildings–we continue to support all of those impacted and provide links below to reputable support efforts.  What remains?  Beauty. Island Love. Strength. Passion. Community. Oh, and don’t forget the painkillers and rum-runners! Not to mention the sea turtles, blue waters and white sand!

The B.V.I. Flotilla continues to come together at Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke.  Check out and follow their community efforts to bring normalcy back to the islands: Click link:

The Yacht Charter community kicked off the winter charter season and already posting picture after picture of beautiful anchorages, snorkeling, diving sites, water activities and open restaurants/beach bar establishments.  Worried that provisioning for charter yachts will take away food supply for locals and those rebuilding the islands?  Remember that the charter yachts have been going “green” for the last several years so with their own water-makers on-board generating fresh water daily, and with access to stocked grocery stores for provisions, the charter yachts should not be seen as a draw on supplies in the main grocery stores that have reopened, there is no concern.  The yachts will, instead, be bringing the community tourism to promote regrowth!  Many of the island establishments are working hard to be able to greet guests with a smile, a beverage and maybe an old-school beach BBQ and certainly some heartfelt stories of survival.  Some are ready now, some will be soon! You can follow BVI Traveller’s website and Facebook to be notified of the most recent openings!

Your destination options are wide open, and YES, it DOES include the U.S.V.I and B.V.I.! Some destinations, such as the Bahamas were relatively untouched and are always an excellent charter destination.  Others will have more of a story to tell and your charter crew will navigate the experience to make sure it’s customized and special!  Regardless of the destination, the answer to your question of “to charter or to not charter” is most certainly–YES!

Live by the motto:  “Life is Short! Book your yacht charter vacation! 

Chillaxin’ Charters specializes in matching clients with the best yacht and crew available for your vacation dates.  Our services are no cost to you and our experience will guide make the booking easy so you can countdown to a CHILLAXIN’ vacation!  We have yachts in:

√U.S.V.I. & B.V.I.

√The Bahamas

√St. Maartin and St. Barths

√St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines



√The Florida Keys and Southern Florida Coastline

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