Island Hopping:  Endless Opportunities

FUN FACT= Did you know there are more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, and they belong to over 28 distinct nations. The nation with the most Caribbean islands is the Bahamas, with approximately 501 islands. Puerto Rico is made up of at least 142 islands. The British Virgin Islands are made up of 70 Islands and Cays.


Pretty impressive to think about all of those “Island Possibilities!”  Don’t be fooled by a map with tiny little island dots. Traveling between the islands is deceptive and may take longer than you think!

Yachts travel with the designated Charter Seasons.  Winter Charter Season (Nov.-May) is in the Caribbean while Summer Charter Season (May – Sept.) finds the Mega-yachts and select Catamarans in the Mediterranean.  Caribbean charters USED to offer “low season summer rates.”  Unfortunately, new BVI taxes caused the yachts to keep their pricing consistent all year long.  Summer “specials” pop up last minute for boats trying to fill-in calendar gaps.  If you are lucky and have flexibility in travel dates, it may pay to wait.  If you are a planner, forego the “wait and see what’s left” game and book the boat you love!

Save yourself the online research and call your friendly charter broker to consult about your itinerary possibilities!  Chillaxin’ Charters is ready to share 1st hand charter experience for many of the island options.  So, spare yourself the online hunt and call the experts!

Charter itineraries are grouped in island clusters so the waters and experience on the boat remain calm and friendly to the guests.  Your Charter Yacht moors or anchors in protected calm bays or can even pay for dockage at a resort or marina for the ultimate stability.   Don’t worry about getting seasick (stay tuned for more about this topic in an upcoming blog).  Seasickness is less likely to occur on your small boat than it is on a cruise ship doing a “Passage”.

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Ready.  Set.  Let’s GO!!! Take me to the Islands!img_7226