Pristine beaches, stylish boutiques, crystal clear waters, quaint dining, and the playground to the rich and famous–sound good to you?


Now that we have your attention, let’s start your St. Maarten/St. Barths Crewed Charter Yacht vacation by flying into St. Maarten and boarding your Yacht in Simpson Bay.  Tell your Captain what your “vibe” is for the week and he’ll guide the selection of your daily destinations.  Here are a few highlights to choose from along the way!

ST. MAARTEN–The Friendly Island:  Bring your Bucket List as you have the opportunity to venture along the French side or the Dutch side to experience a unique IMG_9083Caribbean culture.  Take advantage of the private access you’ll have to the beaches on and around St. Maarten.  There may be a few touristy beaches temping to distract you, like Maho Beach, where you can experience the famous plane fly-overs.  It’s louder than you think!  Overall, stick to the course less traveled, after all, you are on a luxury yacht!

  • Beaches of St. Maarten – You won’t be able to hit them all, so let your Captain guide you to his favorites.  If you are on a family friendly charter, be aware that there are some “fabric optional” beaches where the naturalist enjoy letting it all hang out.  If you aren’t on a family charter, well, you know what to do!
  • Loterie Farm — I’m not a big fan of large chunks of time for land excursions when on charter, but in case some of the family wants a land adventure that includes Zip Lining in the hidden forest nature reserve, here is an awesome option!
  • Jab-Jab’s — SHOUT OUT to our friend’s new floating bar in Simpson Bay:  JabJabs! Follow JabJabs on Facebook  and dinghy up for a fun experience! Tell Stefan we sent you!
  • Kokomo Beach Bar & Restaurant– If time allows for some appetizers, tropical drinks and CHILLAXIN’, this place is worth the dinghy ride in.

TINTAMARRE ISLAND– Throw some green into your trip amidst the sea of blue by visiting this mostly uninhabited island.

PINEL ISLAND – A bit of the BVI beach bar scene -just add more people.  Calm, clear water to wade in as you sip on the local concoctions.  Everyone here seems to make their own rum and want to give you a sample!  Go ahead, give it a try!  You’ll be on Happy Island before you know it! (Or Fantasy Island–take our pick!)

SANDY ISLAND, ANGUILLA– A real life island mirage–almost too good to be true.  Friendly people, perfect white sand and the ultimate CHILLAXIN’ location!  It’s not your typical beach bar that holds your credit card hostage.  No, they do things the old fashioned way here.  You drink, you pay later–they trust and take care of their customers and treat you like you’ve come into their home for the afternoon instead of just on this tranquil beach.

PRICKLY PEAR CAYS- Your Tiki Hut and BBQ beach bar experience.

SABA ISLAND, “The Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean” – Like no other island destination! Saba has an old Caribbean charm with untouched natural beauty.


ST. BARTHS: Playground to the Rich & Famous.  Loved by all Yachtsman. Destination of Dreams.  Your time in and around St. Barths will not disappoint as you explore stylish boutiques, quaint restaurants, and picturesque beaches while getting pampered like the rock star you are!

  • Beaches of St. Barths – They are all amazing for different reasons, but don’t miss a visit to Shell Beach and Colombier Beach!
  • Eden Rock Hotel – Exclusive to Resort Guests, but you can certainly dine or enjoy drinks “on the rock!”
  • Shopping- St. Barths is paradise for shoppers! Swim into heaven.  If you like it, buy it–you’ll probably won’t find something like it again and regret not pulling the trigger! And, don’ miss the amazing boutique — MASCARA!
  • Nikki Beach –  Not to be missed and promises to create memories! Insider tips–make a reservation and bring your wallet.  Follow nikkibeachsaintbar on Instagram for a peak into beautiful people enjoying this amazing beach!
  • LeTi – I will send anyone celebrating a milestone birthday to LeTi for a night that they will talk about for years to come!  Recommended adults only for a dinner experience which turns into a night of dancing and living out some of your crazy inhibitions that only LeTi and Isand love can bring out!  Enough said–you have to go see for yourself!
  • Massages on your yacht- When in Rome, I mean St. Barths, live out the lifestyles of the rich and famous in true fashion.  If your Charter Yacht does not have a masseuse on board, hire a team from land to come in with their massage tables, set them up in the open air and get pampered in style with the sounds of the water and nature creating your ultimate moment of CHILLAXIN’!

ST. KITTS & NEVIS: Experience some of the warmest waters and lush landscapes of the Caribbean.  I will be featuring island highlights from St. Kitts and Nevis in an upcoming blog–stay tuned!

The above Island highlights plus a few impulses along the way are plenty to fill up a 7 night St. Maarten/St. Barths Charter Itinerary.  I don’t like to lock people into visualizing, Day 1, Day 2, etc. of the vacation because it tends to create an awareness of time that I want you to loose! Yes, you’ll have an itinerary guide ahead of time, but remember it’s just that–a guide.  Be flexible.  Trust your crew and Captain to give you a perfect balance of exploring, sightseeing and adventure, along with just the right amount of bar hopping, island shopping and beach combing, wrapped up in one dreamy CHILLAXIN’ Charter Vacation!


Call Robyn (that’s me, your friendly charter broker), to get started!  My broker services are free to you and my passion is making the planning and selection process of the best charter yacht and crew efficient, easy and fun! You have other brokers and bigger companies to choose from, but I can offer the unique perspective of being a charter client/customer myself.  It’s simple–I charter. And, I don’t get to do it for free, so I appreciate the expense and investment you are making into this vacation! I present boats to you that my husband and I would take our own kids, family and friends on! You can trust me to look out for every detail.  I look forward to helping you plan your CHILLAXIN’ CHARTER Vacation!

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