Executives, entrepreneurs, Type A leaders, they are always “ON”.  Not only are they always “ON”, but they are also the dumping ground for the worst of the worst happenings within the company at any given time and carry the pressure of company’s success on their shoulders.

The best executive leaders will sport their game face at the office.  It is a leader’s role to lead, not complain; to perform, not slack; to be present, not escape.

But, WAIT! In order to lead, perform and be present, your top level executives need theimg_9063 opportunity to reconnect with their inner drive and inspiration.  They need a genuine retreat.  They need an environment free from complaints and filled with a sense of renewal.  They need a sense of isolation and tranquility, yet know that they are available in case of a true emergency.  They need to wake up to warm island air, fresh sea breeze and views that bring back a sense of calm and control.  The answer to fulfilling this need it simple:  Send your top executives on a crewed Yacht Charter Retreat!

It’s a Win-Win!  It’s ROI! It’s an investment into the health and wellness of your executives and into the business, as well as, a deposit into relationships between fellow executives, employees and clients.

To make this happen, you need to understand the booking process and what the private yacht charter experience has to offer.  First, consider your guest count.  Charter yachts can accommodate up to 12 guests with the majority of boats having a guest count of 6-10.  If img_5345you are over 12 guests on a yacht, it’s considered a cruise and that’s the opposite of what you want.  Even the “small-ship” cruise experiences take away the freedom and quaintness of the private charter. Nothing compares to the private yacht charter, so don’t fall into the cruise trap! Your executive leaders deserve the luxury yacht experience with a small guest count, a crew that knows their preferences and the flexibility of generating their own itinerary. If you need to accommodate more than 12 guests, Chillaxin’ Charters will select similar yachts for a “Tandem Charter” where guests can gather together throughout the week yet have their own space.  (Note:  With a guest count of 12, you will only want 6 primary guests plus their spouse/significant others, as 12 guests means you have 6 bedrooms, 10 guests= 5 bedrooms, etc.)

Second, select the charter dates and budget range.  These go hand-in-hand.  If your budget range is in the $15,000-60,000/week per yacht, then you will want to book 6-12 months in advance for peak dates on the popular boats.  Most of the yachts in this range fall in the Catamaran, Power Catamaran or traditional Sailing Monuhull.  These boats are typically All Inclusive (plus crew gratuity) and will have a crew of 2-3.  If the budget is above $75,000+ for the week per yacht, then you can often get last minute charters.  The yachts in this category are your monuhull Power Yachts and Mega Yachts.  These yachts have a “Plus Expenses” format and will have a crew of anywhere from 4-10+ based on the size of the yacht.   Don’t be scared off by the budget question.  Whether it’s a 50 ft. or 150 yacht, your Executives are going to have a dedicated crew who wants nothing more that to help them sit back, CHILLAX’ and enjoy the view!

Next, select the charter destination. Charter yachts are everywhere, so you likely can name a destination and your broker can produce a boat.  The U.S. and British Virgin Islands, St. img_7226Maartin, St. Barths, Anquilla, Antigua, Barbados, The Grenadines and The Bahamas are among the more popular destinations which offer a number of Charter Yacht options. During the summer months, many of the yachts will either travel to the U.S. coastline to charter anywhere from the Florida Keys up the coast of New England or they will travel overseas to The Mediterranean.  Destination drives the experience.  Know if your execs. want to be able to scuba dive, go sport fishing, hike island trails, visit secluded beaches or hit island hot spots and pick your destination accordingly.

Finally select and contact a yacht charter broker you trust to help select the best yacht and book this unique retreat.  We hope you select CHILLAXIN’ CHARTERS, as we have a true passion for the charter industry!  We have been actual charter guests and have personal experience with the destinations, walked many of the yachts and met many of the crews.  We know what to look for on the yachts and stay in tune with the crews. We offer more than just a broker booking.  We can provide a full concierge service and will let no detail be overlooked—from selecting flights to celebrating onboard special occasions to visiting the best each island has to offer—we will make sure your executives have exactly the VIP experience they deserve!

It’s time to give your Executive Leaders permission for the ESCAPE.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to let them refill their bucket, renew their spirit, and reconnect with their inspiration.  Their time on charter promises a return back to the office with the rebooted outlook to LEAD, ACHIEVE and SUCCEED.

Author: IMG_9282 Robyn McCarty, Charter Broker, is ready to help you book this charter retreat.  She is based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and ready to serve the Chicagoland business industry and beyond.  Services include booking personal, couples and family charter vacations.  Call her at 847-867-9181 or email at robyn@chillaxincharters.com

Robyn McCarty  847-867-9181