Whether you are a couples party group or on a family charter, beach bar hopping your way through the islands will make your charter experience unforgettable! (Well, if you stay away from the shots that is!) Here’s the scoop on a few of our favorites! The kids can join in virgin daiquiri’s and play in the sand at most! We’ll be sure to let you knowwhen to leave the kids on the boatwhile you dinghy over to the beach bar!

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Saba Rock Island
This a a great place to drink AND eat! Awesome menu–we suggest sampling as many appetizers here and call it a mid-day snack while you test drive a few of their drink specials! Laid back vibe–you’ll sink into the comfy furniture to CHILLAX’ while enjoying the beautyof the moored boats and soaking in the action of the kiteboarding off Bitter End!Before you go, take 5 minutes to walk around the island–that’s all it takes! Discover some soft white sand and hammocks on the back side to get the full effect of Island Life!

Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End is historic–you have to stop in and say you’ve been here! HOWEVER, you can’t just show up on the dinghy dock! We recommend dropping off at the Biras Creek dinghy dock and taking the Mangrove Trail to Bitter End so you can EARN your cold beverage! Don’t worry, your youngest and oldest guests can navigate this friendly trail in their flip flops. (There is a flight of steps at the end though, so if grandpa just got a new knee you better let him get a head start on the drinks!) We recommend stopping at the resort pool bar immediately upon exiting the trail. Grab your drink reward and continue down the resort path to the end bar where you can sink your toes in the sand and CHILLAX in an adirondack chair! Got kids or adventure seekers in the group?? Have them sign up for kite boarding lessons and you can enjoy some free entertainment while you sip on your tropical drinks!

Foxy’s BarFoxy’s needs no further description. It’s legendary. Check it out for yourself. There is daytime Foxy’s and there is nighttime Foxy’s. Family friendly vs. adult party. Pick your style, but leave the kids back on the yacht with the crew at night. Foxy’s Firewater Rum is famous so don’t miss it! We also recommend you shop at Foxy’s store as it’s one of the better island shops!

White Bay Beach Bars–Soggy Dollar, One Love, Coco Loco, Gertrudes. Visit Rum Therapywebsite and theywill tell you all you need to know!Hendo’s Hideout is the latest addition to the beach bar scene on White Bay and takes the definition of Beach Bar up a few notches! Eat. Drink. Lime. is their motto. Their food tastes as good as it photographs! Wheather you park at one of these beach bars or make the crawl through the sand, be sure to plant your group in a beach chair and enjoy the sights, sounds and people on this epic beach!

Ivan’s Stress Free Bar

The original NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO PROBLEM Beach Bar as Kenny Chesney would tell you as his hit song “When I See This Bar” was inspired by Ivan’s! Ivan’s had a make-over a few years ago as Ivan and familymust have felt some pressure to go bigger. Honestly, we preferred the old Ivan’s that had less concrete and more spirit, but we don’t ever complain about a beach bar that prides itself on stiff rum drinks and boasts shell art. We keep going back as one of these times, just maybe, we’ll spy ourselves a little Kenny Chesney in person, ready to Spread the Love, show his Pirate Flag and watch me be his Island Girl–all while we sit in an Old Blue Chair of course!!

Myett’s Cane Garden Bay

What’s not to love about Cane Garden Bay??!? It has a unique picturesque quality and when you step onto the dock it has it’s own personality of the the islands. Locals in Cane Garden are even more welcoming than we experience elsewhere. If you are lucky, you’ll even get to hear them singing uplifting tunes from the open air church while you chillax on the bow of your boat or sink your toes into the sand. Walk into Myett’s and feel the escape you’ve just made into a tropical clubthat you became an instant member of! If you are lucky, Myett himself might befriend you and send you off with his personalized Myett’s rum as a souvenir!

Pusser’s (Pick your favorite location) and Jumbies at Leverick Bay

Every Charter requires a stop at one of the Pusser’s Bar locations. They don’t all have a place to sink your toes in the sand, but we promise they will rock your world with their famous, iconic PAINKILLER!!! (Go back and click on it for the secret recipe!) Ask your captain which Pusser’s location he likes to frequent (you know he has a favorite!)

And don’t miss out on stopping in at Leverick Bay for a true beach bar experience. Ok, we must admit we went here the first time because it was the only place showing the the final hockey game for the Stanley Cup! Now, it’s a regular on our beach bar hop itinerary!

Bomba Shacks Full Moon Party

If you time your trip right and you are a young and fun couples group, we recommend experiencing the Bomba Shack Full Moon Party! This is not for kids and not for the meager beach bar goer! Nope, this is a PARTY! Locals, crews off charter, tourists, you name it and they will come to check out what this is all about. Assign a watchdog to your group and stick together as the party gets spread out and has been know to be a bit “shady”, but we blame it on the shadows caused by the full moon madness! Bucket List item?? Disclaimer: It’s not for everyone–link to TripAdvisor Reviews of Bomba Shack and make the call for yourself!

Cow Wreck Beach Bar

Cow Wreck is a hidden gem…well, it was until the Obama’s recent visit and now everyone wants to go there! But that’s OK, everyone SHOULD go there! White soft sand, the friendliest locals, a great new gift boutique and of course fabulousdrinks! It used to operate mainly off the honor system! Walk up, make your drink, leave your cash in the box! Now that’s an island beach bar! But with fame comes more customers so you’ll find the family owners ready to serve up some drinks and grub while you CHILLAX and soak in the blue of Anegada!

Loblolly Restaurant & Bar, Big Bamboo

Know for their BBQ and lobster dishes and the extra long stretch of white sandy beach, Loblolly is a must stop as well! If our friend is there working his personalized magic on the driftwood, be sure to get your custom made piece to tack up onto the bar and mark your legacy at this establishment!

Willy T’s Floating Bar

Willy T’s will require it’s own blog at a later date. For now we say, go! Enjoy! Jump! and check it off! You can’t NOT go since everyone will ask you if you went to Willy T’s!?!! Need to get the party rolling? Ask the bartender to pull out the shot ski and have some fun with your group. Probably bestto leave the kids back on the boat as even in the middle of the day we’ve seen some mermaids quenching their thirst atop of the bar! (Wink, wink!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.33.08 PM
Pirate’s Bight

Never disappoints! The drinks are good, but remember you are on Island Time! We said good, not fast! But no worries, no rush…CHILLAX! Skip some rocks, play some giant life-size jenga, order some appetizers (great food) and soak in your beach bar time in Pirate style! Arrrggh!!

Pizza PiAs you wait for your fresh Pizza Pi, this is a nice cove to snorkel in and also has some fun rocks to explore! Ok, so it’s not a beach bar, but have a drink while you wait and call it good! Just don’t miss out! And have your captain call ahead as there can be a 2 hour wait for a pizza on a busy day!!!

ST. THOMAS: Tickles Dockside Pub; Iggie’s Beach Bar
ST JOHN: Skinny Legs ;St. John Brewers, The Tap Room Bar ; The Beach Bar
To sum it up…So many Beach Bars, so little time! Our first trip, we raced through them! Our crew actually gave us an award for the most beach bars visited in one charter! Yes, we were proud! And yes, our crew actually loved us (tipping well helps!) But, the take-away is this: No need to rush through your beach bar hopping! Hit what you can. Soak in some fun. Chillax along the way. Try new drinks. Enjoy old friends. Sink your toes in the sand. Trust us, you’ll be back!
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