The Charter industry highlights the luxury side of spending a week on your own private yacht….the 5-star service of the crew, the water toys on board ready to use in a flash, the chef who is ready to whip up those amazing meals on the fancy dinnerware they somehow stow away.

The media highlights the celebrities on the megayachts, teasing us with visions of Ellen, Leonardo and the Kardashian’s in St. Barts living the ritzy life and leading us to believe the bigger the yacht, the better the charter (not true).  That’s all sexy and sells the charter life, but what most people miss before they’ve taken a charter is this simple truth…


“At sea, I leaned how little a person needs, not how much.” –Robin Lee Graham

The biggest take-away from most first time Charter guests is what they enjoyed most was the simplicity of waking up on the water to amazing views, complete serenity and with the people they care about most.  The take-away is discovering that the sea is the ultimate playground surrounded by island opportunities.

Tune that vision into your own daydream now and become ready to be so immersed on Charter that you don’t even need to know what time–or day– it is!  You’ll just know you don’t want it to end!

Cheers to a CHILLAXIN’ weekend ahead!   CONTACT US when you are ready to book your Chillaxin’ Charter vacation!

Pack less…Dream more!  Worry less…Inspire more!  Complain less…Compliment more!
Stay at home less…
CHILLAX on Charter more!!