#Trending:  Prioritize more “Experiences” and less “Stuff”!

Are you #Trending yet? It’s all over the news–people who put their money into experiences are happier–PERIOD!  Are the days of “keeping up with the Jones'” gone? Time will tell, but for now, the #trend follows the script of the the old MasterCard marketing campaign:   ….. Vacation of a lifetime = “PRICELESS”!!

Ready to prioritize putting your well-earned money into the experience of a Charter vacation rather than “stuff?” Jump on the #trending train and find the value of escaping on a private crewed luxury yacht will lead to #joy, #inspiration, #fulfillment, #excitement, #gratitude and #happiness with #memories to last an entire lifetime!

So, get #TRENDING!!  We’re here to help! Interestingly, one of our FAVORITE megayachts from the Antigua Broker show was TRENDING.  It’s a beautiful 164ft. Westport recently refit with custom interiors, technology and amenities.  The best feature of this yacht is certainly the crew!  Call or email us to inquire!  If you aren’t quite ready to #trend with a megayacht, no worries!  We can set you up in style with a Motor Yacht, Catamaran, PowerCatamaran or Monohull that will give you a PRICELESS experience!

Brochure for today’s featured yacht: TRENDING http://www.charterbrochure.com/chillaxincharters/robynmccarty/trending