Before the Winter Blues hit, ESCAPE to the sea of BLUE in PARADISE on your Luxury CHARTER Yacht Vacation!!

Our Antigua and Tortola Broker Shows were a huge success as we were able to “meet-and-greet” with Captains, Crews and taste some of the finest Chef’s creations as we toured Catamarans, PowerCats, Power and MegaYachts and a few Monohulls for good measure!

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  1. ESCAPE!!  You need the ultimate get-away and a private Yacht Charter is the answer!
  2. FIND PARADISE!!  You contact us with your dates, description of your group and desired budget.  We LISTEN to what type of experiences you’d like on your Charter and use our expertise with the crews and touring the yachts to find the best match.  We have access to the same yachts across the industry as other brokers, so you could choose another broker, but that would be no fun! We pride ourselves in our friendly, approachable service and will GUIDE you through all the FAQ’s and the contract process.  Our broker time and service is built into standard pricing of all charters set across the industry.  If you book a charter with us or with another broker, the pricing will be the same.  If we spend time and energy trying to find the perfect charter for you and it does not work out, no worries and no payment required!  We are simply happy to have the opportunity to explore getting you on the ULTIMATE Charter Vacation!
  3. CHARTER!!  You sign the contract, make your deposit and final payments, letting us assist with any air or land transfers along the way and then, you take the Charter Vacation of a lifetime!!

EMAIL US to get started booking your CHILLAXIN’ CHARTER Vacation!

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TIP of the Day:  Book your Charter 9-12 months in advance if possible!!  The popular yachts  book up to a full year in advance for peak weeks.  (They are popular because they have the best crews which can make-or-break a charter experience, so don’t delay!!!)